1st Star Athlete associated with steroids misses Hall by Mitch E. Perry


Dave Zirin on Mark McGwire


Mark McGwire today fell far short in his first try for Baseball’s Hall of Fame, picking up just 23 ½ percent of voters, while Cal Ripkin Jr.  and Tony Gwynne easily gained baseball’s highest honor.


Tarnished by accusations of steroid use, Mc Gwire was the first player of the recent steroid era with both the statistics, and the association with the performing enhancing drugs, to come before the committee that decides who makes the Hall.


Dave Zirin is a contributor to the Nation Magazine, and a blogger at his website, edge of sports.com. 


He says if he were one of the voters, he would NOT have selected McGwire, the former Oakland Athletic and St. Louis Cardinal star. But he said he wouldn’t vote for McGwire because of his one-dimensional nature as a player, not because of his alleged association with sterorids (roll tape#1 o.q.”a number of different ways”)


That’s author and columnist Dave Zirin….You can read his commentary on sports and politics at edgeofsports.com  


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