Tampa Activist and adult club owner runs for office (again) By Mitch E. Perry


Tampa businessman and activist Joe Redner has been unsuccessful in 6 previous runs for local office.  But his last run, for Hillsborough County Commission against Jim Norman, was his best effort yet.   

Redner only got 40 percent of the vote, but got over 3700 More voted than Norman inside Tampa City limits.  


That gives him confidence that he’ll be successful this time.  Redner announced yesterday that he’ll be running for the District 1 city wide seat on the Tampa City Council.  (roll tape#1 o.q.”it’s a time for me”)

The day he announced his candidacy for County Commissioner last spring, Redner unveiled his Contract With the Voters of Hillsborough County.


In it, he discussed his priorities – mass transportation, affordable housing, and insuring that education kept pace with new development.


Redner says he still believes in those priorities, but realizes that as a Councilmember, his influence on those issues may be smaller in scale than on the County Commission

(roll tape#2 o.q.”the people got some relief”)


In his campaign for County Commissioner, Redner received mainstream support, including endorsements from The Florida Sentinel Bulletin, La Gaceta, and Equality Florida. 


His entry makes the District 1 race was one of the most crowded field of candidates in all of the Tampa City Council races.. 


Seminole Heights activist Randy Baron, Julie Jenkins, Denise Chavez and Rick Baracena are also in the race.


And the incumbent is Gwen Miller, who has been on the Council for the past 12 years.  Critics say she has little to show for that time.  Redner argues that he has better recognition that the Council Chairwoman (roll tape#3 o.q.”I have a good chance”)


Also different in his last campaign was the use of television ads to promote his candidacy.  But Joe Redner says you probably will NOT be seeing ads regarding his bid for the Tampa City Council this time around.  


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