Black Churches Responsibility To The Community

Empowerment Hour | Listen to this entire show:

Rev. Louis Murphy, Pastor Mt. Zion Progressive Missionary Baptist Church (Confirmed/Participated)

Line of Questioning:

1. General background/history of the black church

2. Importance of Church as centerpiece of the community. (Many of our

civil rights leaders came out of the Church, into the community to

fight for our rights.)

3. Differences then & now regarding how the community views the church

4. What’s wrong with the Church today, What’s right with the Church


5. Why don’t Churches collaborate more on issues of concern to the


6. Do Churches have an ultimate responsibility to enrich the lives of

the people in their surrounding community? Not just their

members, but all persons.

7. Can our Churches again become the "seat of power" within our

community? How can that be achieved?

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