Dick Greco decides Not to Run for Mayor by Mitch E. Perry

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Ending months of speculation, former Tampa Mayor Dick Greco announced this afternoon that he will NOT run for Mayor against incumbent Pam Iorio.


Greco was previously elected Mayor 40 years ago back  in 1967….He won re-election in 1971 before stepping down in 1974.  Then over 20 years later, Greco ran for Mayor again, and served until 2003, before being term limited out.

Greco told reporters he never said he intended to run this year. But his supporters conducted opinion polls to gauge his popularity against incumbent Mayor Pam Iorio.

Although they were never published, some observers say they were NOT favorable to the former longtime Mayor.


Political consultant Bob Buckhorn was a frequent critic of Dick Greco’s 2nd time in office, from 1995 thru 2003, when he served on the Tampa City Council.  He’s supporting Mayor Iorio in her re-election bid.

 Buckhorn said today’s announcement that Greco will NOT run should really NOT be a surprise (roll tape#1 o.q. “trying to get back in”)

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