Media critic bashes MSM, says indepedent media only trusted source by Mitch E. Perry

WMNF Drive-Time News Monday

In the 3 days since Hillary Clinton announced her candidacy for the Democratic nomination for President, the New York Senator has dominated mainstream media coverage. 


That follows the ecstatic media reception to Barack Obama’s announcement last week that he will form an exploratory committee before deciding whether he will run for President.


To one media critic – it’s been far too much Hilary and Obama, and not enough media coverage on the many other issues that plague this country and the world.


Jeff Cohen is the author of the book, “Cable News Confidential:My Misadventures in Corporate Media….” Cohen also worked for the Dennis Kucinich campaign in 2003.  And he consults for the group “Progressive Democrats of America”.


In his new piece on the website of,  Cohen chastises the corporate media for focusing too excessively on Clinton and Obama.  Specifically, he chastises the San Francisco Chronicle that reported that Clinton was ‘widely regarded as the left’s most influential voice inside the now-revered Clinton White House.” (roll tape#1 o.q.”about American Politics”)


That’s media critic Jeff Cohen, one of the originators of the media watch dog group FAIR, Fairness & Accuracy in Reporting, and the author of the book, “Cable News Confidential: MY Misadventures in Corporate Media”.  


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