Kerry will NOT report to duty in '08 by Mitch E. Perry

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John Kerry


John Kerry announced today that he will NOT be a candidate for President in 2008

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The Massachusetts Senator was said to be seriously considering running for President again after his 4 point loss to President Bush in 2004 – an election in which if he had won the state of Ohio, would have gone Kerry’s way.  


Preceding his announcement, Kerry addressed the Senate on the situation in Iraq.  Shortly afterwards, Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid spoke in support of Kerry (roll tape#2 o.q”


Although there did not appear to be a lot of grass roots support for Kerry, who many Democrats say ran a poor campaign in ’04, most analysts believe whatever chance he might have had to run evaporated late last year when he botched a joke about the military in Iraq.


Bob Buckhorn is a political analyst for Bay News 9 and a lifelong Democrat.  He says its not a surprise that Kerry will not run in ‘08(roll tape#1 o.q.’    or Governor Mark Warner”)’


That’s Political consultant and Bay News 9 Political analyst Bob Buckhorn, discussing John Kerry…The Massachusetts Senator announced today he will NOT run for President in 2008, but instead will run for re-election.  Kerry was first elected to the Senate in 1984.


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