Radioactivity: Live Call-In (Tuesday)




Bo Lozoff is a former civil rights activist and farmworker organizer. When his brother-in-law was sentenced to prison in the early 1970's, Bo began visiting prisons and eventually helped to establish the Prison Ashram Project. With a strong belief in the power of redemption, Lozoff now travels widely to visit prisoners around the world. He says that most prisoners will eventually be released back into society, so the question for society is should prisons be a place where prisoners are treated like animals and eventually become more anti-social? Or is it in society's interest to try to humanize prisoners, no matter their crime, in order to rehabilitate and restore some human dignity? Lozoff has written several books on "restorative justice" including WE"RE ALL DOING TIME and JUST ANOTHER SPIRITUAL BOOK. He's the founder of the Human Kindness Foundation (

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