Aria Green wants to be Tampa's next Mayor by Mitch E. Perry

WMNF Drive-Time News Monday



Last month, former Tampa Mayor Dick Greco called a press conference to tell a room full of reporters that despite some interest, he would NOT run against Pam Iorio for Mayor.


Greco told reporters that confidential polls taken showed he would do well against Iorio, but other observers say that was not the case at all.


But with Greco not in the race, observers have already said that Iorio has wrapped her re-election.  But Aria Green says , not so fast.


Green was named Tampa Fire Chief by Pam Iorio shortly after her election in 2003, but she fired him 15 months later.  Now he, and former Tampa Police Captain Marion Lewis, are the only candidates running against Iorio.


Aria Green visited the WMNF studio’s this morning.    He insists his candidacy is not because he’s still sore about losing his job 3  years ago (roll tape#1 o.q.”and I’m not seeing it”)

 That’s Aria Green, the former Fire Chief in Tampa.  He’s running against Pam Iorio for Mayor of Tampa.  That election takes place on March 6th. 

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