The Insurance Companies Fight Back by Mitch E. Perry

Alan Watts

A group of insurance companies have gone to court to reclaim their right to cancel homeowners policies, which were suspended by the Florida Cabinet 2 weeks ago.


The Florida Insurance Council filed an emergency motion late Monday in the District Court of Appeal in Tallahassee.

Chief Judge Edwin Browning yesterday gave the state until next Monday to say why the court should not suspend Gov. Charlie Crist's 90-day rule barring insurers from dropping Florida homeowners or seeking rate hikes until new laws take full effect. The court challenge, if successful, would mean thousands of Floridians could lose coverage before this year's hurricane season, forcing them to search for new, likely more expensive policies.   But Gary Landry of the Florida Insurance council, disagreed with that characterization (roll tape)Chief Financial Officer Alex Sink and Agriculture Commissioner Charlie Bronson, who joined Crist in approving the order, had warned the governor that the order could pose unintended consequences. Sink repeatedly said Tuesday morning that she thought it was "hurried and rushed."

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