Congressional aide tells of Iranian memo accepted by Karl Rove by Mitch E. Perry

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 In recent weeks, it has been revealed that a memo from the Iranian Government was sent to top officials in the Bush Administration back in 2003.


The memo allegedly involved the framework to discuss issues like nuclear safeguards, ending ‘material support’ for Palestinian militias and accepting a 2 state solution in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.


But when asked if such a memo had ever come across her desk, Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice has said she never saw such a memo.


However officials from the State Department did see the memo.  Former deputy Secretary of State Richard Armitage told Newsweek magazine that the Bush Administration “ couldn't determine what was the Iranians' and what was the Swiss ambassador's" in the proposal, adding that his impression at the time was that the Iranians "were trying to put too much on the table" for effective negotiations.


On Friday it was learned that the same memo was sent from former Ohio Congress Bob Ney directly to Karl Rove, President Bush’s top advisor on domestic issues.


Dr.Trita Parsi is president of the National Iranian American Council, and a former aide to Bob Ney.   He spoke this morning on  Manatee County radio station WWPR 1490 AM Bradenton  with American AM host Henry Raines (roll tape#1 o.q.”in diplomacy”)


That was Dr. Trita Parsi, with the National Iranian American Council.  He spoke this morning on WWPR out of Bradenton the significance of a memo sent by the Iranian Government to the U.S. nearly 4 years ago.

 WMNF was able to participate in this interview , and we will air more excerpts of this tomorrow night on the Evening News.

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