Kid Care Amendment coming by Mitch E. Perry

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Kid Care


Some state lawmakers say that the number of uninsured children in Florida could be dramatically reduced if lawmakers can make it easier for parents to get their kids into the state's subsidized health insurance program.

About 700,000 children in Florida can't get health care because they're uninsured. Advocates who have worked to get more children into the KidCare program say there's growing interest in making it easier to enroll.

And those advocates say enrollment has dropped sharply - by nearly 120,000 in the last three years - not because money's been short but because of administrative barriers to getting in ….KidCare client Tammy Thompson says the push is needed. (roll tape#1 o.q.”lot smoother”)

KidCare is an umbrella term for a program that has several components and includes Medicaid recipients. It uses state money and federal matching funds to provide insurance coverage with especially low premiums for children in poorer families. The federal government matches 71 cents of each dollar in state money for the program


Florida State Representative Rene Garcia says there is no reason why any

child in Florida should go without health care. (roll tape#2 o.q. “health care”)


Democratic House Minority Leader Dan Gelber supports an amendment which asks voters to guarantee Florida children access to health care by July 2010.

(roll tape#3 o.q.”no less”)

 Lawmakers maintain they can meet the wording of the proposed constitutional amendment if Florida takes steps to streamline eligibility standards, expand the number of those eligible, and open up enrollment to families able to pay their full share

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