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The Coalition of Immokalee Workers (CIW) is moving its campaign for better pay and working conditions to the McDonald's Corporation in Illinois next month. The farmworker organization hopes to gain the same kind of guarantee from the burger giant as it did a few years ago from Yum Brands (Taco Bell). They are asking that tomato suppliers to McDonald's pay an extra penny a pound for tomatoes harvested for its sandwiches. 

 Our guests on the first part of this program were Wallace Webb, finance chair of the Pinellas Support Committee of the National Farmworker Ministry and Lucas Benitez an organizer with the CIW. Benitez and other members of the coalition will be speaking Monday, March 19th at faith United Church of Crist, 2401 Drew St. in Clearwater at 7:30PM.

 CIW and more info on the protest in Illinois: 239 986 9101.

We also heard from labor journalist David Bacon about the working conditions faced by undocumented immigrants. He talked about the hazards of entering the country illegally, the so called "guest worker" programs (which Bacon says subject many workers to low pay and horrible conditions), and the coincidence of union organizing campaigns and recent raids by immigration officials to deport undocumented workers. Bacon is the author of the new book COMMUNITIES WITHOUT BORDERS. FMI



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