Some Presidential candidates are discussing Darfur

03/27/07 Mitch E. Perry
WMNF Drive-Time News Tuesday | Listen to this entire show:

For the past 4 years, In the western part of Sudan known as Darfur, at least 200,000 people have died and more than 10 times as many have been pushed from their villages into camps and wilderness by soldiers, pro-government militias, and most recently, clases between rebel groups.


But there has at least been a strong humanitarian effort to help those in need – but now that’s in danger.  As we reported last night, John Holmes, the United Nations undersecretary general for humanitarian affairs was turned back by soldiers at a military checkpoint on the road to a refugee camp in North Darfur yesterday, despite high-level assurances from the Sudanese government that he would be given unimpeded access to Darfur's dispossessed.


Later on, Sudanese government officials apologized for those actions.  But as the International Herald Tribune reports,  The Sudanese Government signed an agreement with the UN 3 years ago that eliminated most restrictions on aid workers, but that agreement has been repeatedly violated.


Recently The International Criminal Court named 2 government officials as guilty of war crimes, but not the Chief of Sudan’s Intelligence agency,   Sally Gosh.  Charles Brown is with the group Citizens for Global Solutions, a Washington based advocacy group…he spoke to WMNF about Sally Gosh (roll tape#1 o.q.”against Sudan”)

That’s Charles Brown, he’s with the group Citizens for Global Solutions.  For more information about what they’re trying to do regarding the situation in Darfur, go to their website, at global

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