41st anniversary of Roe v. Wade, TPP – “NAFTA on Steroids”, and Wall Street bully economics

01/23/14 Mary Glenney
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Roe v. Wade:

This is the 41st anniversary of Roe v. Wade – will it survive the Roberts Court? Does it matter? For most poor women it is inaccessible. And with the onslaught of challenges since 2010 – both state and national – the system is in chaos. Now what would that have to do with Citizens United? JESSICA MASON PIEKO, Senior Legal Analyst, RH Reality Check has a lot to say about it.

Check out op-ed pieces by Jessica and Adele Stan.

Can ‘Roe’ Survive the Roberts Court?

[Anatomy of the War on Women: How the Koch Brothers Are Funding the Anti-Choice Agenda] (http://rhrealitycheck.org/article/2013/11/05/anatomy-of-the-war-on-women-how-the-koch-brothers-are-funding-the-anti-choice-agenda/)

Also checkout this piece by Adele regarding a rally on the mall today

TPP – “NAFTA on Steroids”

If a lot of us don’t know about TransPacific Partnership (TPP – “NAFTA on Steroids”), even fewer know about the Trans-Atlantic Free Trade Agreement (TAFTA). This would affect some of the most important safety standards we rely on daily for a safer living environment in every way. Some of our most important safeguards will be under attack by a group of the largest U.S. and European banks, agribusinesses, pharmaceutical corporations and other powerful industry groups who want to rewrite these safeguards behind closed doors. The sobering reality is that TAFTA will not primarily target trade, but “behind the border” policies such as health, environment and financial protection. ALISA SIMMONS, National Field Director, Global Trade Watch Division, Public Citizen will update us. You think money talks? Citizens United makes corporations human with the problems mentioned above – and now TPP will give them nationhood or perhaps sainthood since they have no responsibilities, only perks. NAFTA, GAAT, TPP are the Rosetta Stones of economic formations.

Check out:




You can contact Representative Kathy Castor and/or our representative with your opinions on TPP.

There will be a Move On Rally at Kathy Castor's office:

Friday, January 24 at 2:00 pm

4144 N. Armenia, Tampa, phone: 813-871-2817.

You can obtain contact information for any representative here

Wall Street Lobbied to Thwart Eminent Domain

Ten million homeowners were displaced by foreclosure (a figure that has been kept low to make everyone look better – except the people who lost their homes) and 10.7 million homeowners are underwater owing more than their home is worth. Did you know that part of the condition of the bailout was a “set aside” with the condition that the banks were going to help those in foreclosure? That was 2008. In 2013 some cities, in frustration, tried to help – realizing that eminent domain could apply to these homes. Wall Street, rolling in dividends, would have ignored such a “drop in the bucket” – Right? No, wrong…Tune in, find out what “bully economics” is about. ALEXIS GOLDSTEIN, former Wall Street analyst and a founder, currently Communications Director of The Other 98% will discuss this.

Check out this article:

Wall Street Group Aggressively Lobbied a Federal Agency to Thwart Eminent Domain Plans

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