Women's Show-STARHAWK - Global Justice Activist and Author


Longtime activist, veteran of progressive movements, deeply committed to bringing the techniques and creative power of spirituality to political activism. She will be the keynote speaker at the “Globalize This Rally/Protest FTAA� in St. Pete November 15th. Her focus for the last several years has been the global justice movement, training participants and taking part in many of the major actions, including those in Seattle, Washington DC, Quebec City, Genoa, and New York City, and doing direct action trainings for groups all over the world. Her most recent book is “Webs of Power: Notes from the Global Uprising.� She is in Florida to protest the FTAA Summit in Miami November 20th and 21st and will go from there to Columbus, Georgia for the annual vigil seeking to close the School of the Americas at Ft. Benning army base. She is the author of 9 books, including "The Spiral Dance" (now in its 20th anniversary edition and the now classic novel, "The Fifth Sacred Thing." She will be the keynote speaker at the Globalize This! Rally/Protest FTAA and Globalization at Williams Park in downtown St. Pete Saturday, Nov. 15 from noon to 3 pm. Following the rally, Starhawk will conduct a Non-Violent Direct Action Training at the UU Church-Mirror Lake-St. Pete.

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