Hillsborough River discussion deferred

03/29/07 Mitch E. Perry
WMNF Drive-Time News Thursday | Listen to this entire show:

Today the Tampa City Council , based upon advise from their attorney- deferred any action on discussing whether or not to increase  the minimum water flow of the Hillsborough River.


Scientists at the Southwest Florida Management District, or Swiftmud, recently released a draft report recommending that a continous flow of at least 24 cubic feet per second, or 13 million gallons a day, be released over the dam at Rowlett Park.


Phil Compton is with the environmental group Friends of the River (roll tape#1 o.q.”fish & Wildlife thrive”)


Tom Krumrike lives along the Hillsborough River and works for FCAN-the Florida Consumer Action Network. (roll tape#2 o.q.”to reducing this percentage”)


Sidney Potter has lived along the River for decades.   He said that when the City of Tampa was granted the right to take water from the River for its use, it was under the provision that there would be no harm done to the River.    He says the City needs to make a decision (roll tape#3 o.q.”have to do something”)


But before But the Council could not delve deeper into the issue, City Attorney David Smith told the Council that he would advise them not to proceed, until the District Staff responds to the Peer Review Board in April, and Swiftmud decides in May. (roll tape#4 o.q.”appropriate”)


City Councilman Shawn Harrison agreed that it was also inappropriate for himself and the 3 other Council members to act on the issue (roll tape#5 o.q”next week”)


Swiftmud’s Marty Kelly said Swiftmud was preparing to produce their rule for a minimum flow level and a recovery schedule for the Hillsborough River  by May.  That’s when the Council was then bring the issue up again.






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