04/05/07 Robert Lorei
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President Bush escalated the war of words over Iraq funding Tuesday, one day after the Senate's top Democrat discussed cutting off funds for the war. At an appearance in the Rose Garden, Bush blasted Democrats, saying they are more interested in fighting political battles in Washington than the real war in Iraq. "They have left Washington for spring recess without finishing the work," Bush told reporters. He noted it has been 57 days since he requested funds for Iraq, and he renewed a threat to veto any Iraq war funding legislation that includes a timetable for withdrawing troops.
We’re joined by  Peter Granato,  Granato is a native of Brooklyn, NY who served in the initial invasion of the 2003 Iraq War. As an Army Reservist Peter was activated for a tour that lasted a total of 16 months from December of 2002 to March of 2004. He now works with, an organization of Iraq and Afghanistan War Veterans who have come back to the United States ready to take their sense of duty to the political arena, and continue their public service. Critical of the policies and actions of the Bush Administration, they want to make our country better. VoteVets Political Action Committee (PAC) is devoted to making sure that these Veterans are equipped with the tools they need to be successful as candidates for public office.  Peter is currently in Palm Beach completing a Master of Arts degree in Political Science at Florida Atlantic University while lobbying for Veterans issues on Capitol Hill. He discussed supporting our troops on the ground by providing proper training and equipment such as body armor and armored vehicles, current bills in the House and Senate dealing with Iraq and Afghanistan wars, threat of a Presidential veto, whether or not a withdrawal deadline would fuel the “terrorists”, who we are fighting in Iraq and what our next steps should be. He also discussed veterans’ issues such as care for our troops when they come home. FMI

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