04/10/07 Robert Lorei
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According to our first guest, one sixth of the state of Florida is devoted to ranchland. Much of those operations are never seen by the average resident or tourist. Photographer Carlton Ward Junior is an eighth generation Floridian….Tonight at the Tampa Theatre he’ll take part in a photography presentation and panel discussion about Florida’s overlooked heritage of ranching.

Carlton Ward spoke with WMNF's Rob Lorei about the history of ranching in Florida, the geographic scope, some models for preserving the practice and the environment and prospects for development in ranching areas.

Tonight at the Tampa Theatre (711 N. Franklin St.) there will be an exhibit featuring ranchers and cattle outside. Later, at 7, (inside) there will be a photo presentation and panel discussion about Florida's ranching heritage. FMI 727 234 7926 and http://www.linc.us





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