Women's Show-JENNIFER of ULALI-Native American singer/songwriter. FTAA.


This Saturday, November 15, the Women’s Show – “From a Woman’s Point of View� will focus on the FTAA: what it is and what it means. Some call it “NAFTA on steroids.� Mary will interview Christine Ahn of Food First, editor of the book, “Shafted�, and Jennifer Elizabeth Kreisberg of Ulali. Talking about the FTAA coupled with Ulali -- pursuing their indigenous roots through their songs and talent, one is aware that the majority of the world does not find its roots in western culture or tradition. The question today is “Do any of us find our roots in corporate structure? Are we all indigenous?� Many feel the single most compelling driving force of social and political values in the world is corporately driven.

Guest: Jennifer Elizabeth Kreisberg (Tuscorara). Jennifer is one of the three members of Ulali, a singer, composer, producer, teacher and fire eater. She comes from four generations of seven singing sisters through the maternal line. Jennifer guest lectures and conducts vocal workshops at universities, schools, and festivals. Ulali is the first Native women’s group to create their own sound from their strong traditional roots and personal contemporary styles. They have created a new genre of “Native American� music and inspired the creation of other Native women’s groups. Known for their unusual harmonies and wide vocal and musical rage, Ulali’s sound encompasses an array of indigenous music including Southeast choral singing (pre-blues and gospel) and pre-Columbian (before the borders) music. With their beautiful yearning and powerful voices, they drum, rattle and stomp. Their live performances, which uniquely address Native struggles and accomplishments, are energetic, informative, and educational. Their CD, “Mahk Jchi,� is a favorite on the Women’s Show.

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