Posada's release blasted by critics

04/20/07 Mitch E. Perry
WMNF Drive-Time News Friday | Listen to this entire show:

   As we reported last night, 79 year old anti-Castro Cuban exile Luis Posada Carilles – a former CIA operative linked to the bombing of a Cuban airliner – was released on bail yesterday and immediately returned to Miami to await trail on immigration fraud charges. Posada’s release infuriated the governments of Cuba and Venezuela, who have been trying to extradite him to stand trial over the 1976 airliner bombing, which killed 73 people, including several teenage members of Cuba’s national fencing team. Yesterday the National Committee to Free the Cuban 5 said they would hold demonstrations worldwide against Posada, beginning on May 11th   Gloria La Riva is with the National Committee to Free the Cuban 5(roll tape#1 o.q.”in Venezuela”) That’s Gloria La Riva, an activist with the National Committee to Free the Cuban 5. 

That group will protesting Luis Posada Carilles when he next goes before a judge next month… That will take place iin front of the Courthouse in El Paso on May 11th….For more information, you can go to freethefive.org

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