05/02/07 Robert Lorei
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In his new book ARMED MADHOUSE: FROM BAGHDAD TO NEW ORLEANS- SORDID SECRETS AND STARNGE TALES OF A WHITE HOUSE GONE WILD, investigative reporter Greg Palast brings to print a different take on many of the major stories of the past three years. Hurricane Katrina? Palast says the Bush administration's FEMA officials knew the levees were breaking and failed to warn New Orleans residents in time. Was the Iraq war about oil? No, says Palast. At least not about controlling oil. Palast says it was about creating a shortage of oil, making Iraq limit its oil output and driving up profits for OPEC and the oil companies. Who benefits? The Bush-friendly Saudi Government and Halliburton. And what about the infamous voter purge prior to the 2000 Election? Palast said there was a version of it in 2004 that disenfranchised many people, including minorities serving in the military. And Hugo Chavez? Will he be assassinated? That's the joke made by Chavez to Palast four years ago during a Bush administration-backed coup attempt. Palast says Chavez is bucking OPEC and the Bush administration is looking for a way to get rid of him. Read more about Palast at

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