Kid Care Dies in State Senate

05/04/07 Mitch Perry
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Kid Care Bill Dies


Among the disappointments being chalked up to this legislative session, is the failure of the State Senate to come to terms with a bill passed by the House to  overhaul the state run health care program that provides low or free insurance to low-income children .


Children’s advocates and lawmakers had been working throughout the session to streamline KidCare.  Roughly half a million children are eligible but uninsured in the state.


The House of Representative passed the legislation.  But yesterday Senate President Ken Pruitt said the bill was dead in the Senate.   Pruitt blamed various groups involved with the legislation for its demise.


Yesterday, child health advocates held a news conference in Tallahassee.  

One of those speaking out was Margarita Romo, director of a Pasco County farmworkers group.    (roll tape#1 o.q.” to send it  forth”)


Members of the House – Republicans and Democrats alike, expressed frustration and exasperation as to why the Senate could not come to agreement on the bill.


The St. Petersburg Times reported on Friday that the bill lost momentum disagreements about policy, such as whether the children of state employees and of undocumented immigrants should be eligible for care.  Again, Childrens and Immigrants rights advocate Margarita Romo (roll tape#2 o.q.”in such a way”)

 There has been some talk of a literal 11th hour move for the Senate to approve the legislation regarding Kid Care.  If not, many representatives are discussing the possibility of bringing the bill back up for consideration when the special session convenes next month.

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