USF Students on the Bush War Spending Veto

05/03/07 Brandon Martin
WMNF Drive-Time News Thursday | Listen to this entire show:

Length: 4'49"

Intro: WNMF's Brandon Martin went around the Tampa campus of the University of South Florida yesterday to ask students how they felt about President Bush's veto of the recent Iraq war spending bill.

The students you will hear are Charlie Helfrick, Wes Roos, Tyler Sexton, Shivanna Harridan, Walt Walker, Jeremy Garrett, Ian Gillingham, Akula Entsuah, Marie Thomas, Bryan Baez, and Angel Wright.

Luckily I was wrong about college students: they do keep up on current events. They mentioned news sources like National Public Radio and The Daily Show. And some of them actually vote.

So now that I've slain the myths about us twentysomethings, I'll let you hear the students.


And lastly, I asked Angel Wright about President Bush's veto, and she said she didn't really know much about it.



For WMNF, this is Brandon Martin.

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