Kucinich in Tampa

05/25/07 Mitch E. Perry
WMNF Drive-Time News Friday | Listen to this entire show:

Although Democrats and some Republicans promise the results will be different in September, for now, many anti-war activists are depressed after yesterday’s vote in Congress that continues funding for the Iraq war, without any timetables for a withdrawal of troops.


One Democrat who has said for months that the Congress should do what still seems like their nuclear option- cut funding – is maintaining that attitude.


That would be Ohio Congressman Dennis Kucinich.  For the 2nd consecutive campaign, Kucinich is running a grass-roots, underdog contest for the Democratic nomination for President.


Kucinich will bring his campaign to Tampa and Clearwater tomorrow for a fundraiser and a couple of public appearances.


At 1PM, Kucininch will appear at a fundraiser at Mise en Place, the downtown Tampa eatery.  At 4PM, he’ll attend a rally at the Courtside Grill in the Feather Sound area of Pinellas County, and tomorrow night he’ll appear as the keynote speaker at the League of United Latin American Citizens dinner, also in Tampa.


Joyce Newnam is Media Coordinator for the Kucinich campaign.   (roll tape#1 o.q.”he’s the one…he’s the only one”)


Again, Dennis Kucinich will be at Mise En Place in Tampa from 1 to 3 Pm in a Campaign appearance tomorrow…And between 4 and 5PM he’ll be at the Courtside Grill, that’s at 110 Fountain Parkway North in the Feather Sound area of Pinellas County.

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