Global Warming Panel

05/09/07 Alvaro Montelegre
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Serious concerns and varied solutions were presented yesterday at the second public hearing of the Climate Change Advisory Group to the Florida Energy Commission.

The meeting was held at the Hillsborough County Aviation Authority at Tampa Airport.

Dr. Stephen Mulkey, Professor at the University of Florida and Science Advisor to the Century Commission for a Sustainable Florida, painted a grim picture to happen soon unless steps are taken to control global warming.

The public comment section offered a rich array of proposed solutions and solutions in progress.

One proposal demanded economic parity for small developers and producers of clean energy.

A budding company presented a project involving wind turbines placed on a ship off shore to electrolyse water and produce hydrogen- The cleanest fuel- in their view.

Ms. Fernandez, who was part of Vice-presidents Gore’s Inconvenient Truth documentary said that a unified approach was necessary.

Melisa Meihan future homeowner said that there were problems finding builders willing to build green homes.

Many more ideas and projects were presented. Definitely more discussion time is needed.

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