Tampa Housing Authority's Critic on Central Park Village Plan

06/20/07 Mitch E. Perry
WMNF Drive-Time News Wednesday | Listen to this entire show:

The Tampa Housing Authority says that there are just a few households located at Central Park Village still looking for new housing.

The longtime public housing project is slated be demolished next month, as a new 28 acre project the authority is developing with Bank of America is scheduled to begin construction.

The Tampa Tribune reported on Wednesday that Public Housing Director Wence Cunningham told the Housing Authority that the remaining 150 families in Central Park are in the process of moving. Of those, 122 have receive Section 8 Housing vouchers and are looking for a home. The other 28 families have been reassigned to different public housing properties.

WMNF attempted to speak with Wence Cunningham today. Our phone call was not returned.

A previous proposal to relocated citizens out of Central Park Village several years ago – as part of the ill fated Civitas plan, had local opposition.

But this proposal –with the Housing Authority going into partnership with Bank of America, has drawn little criticism.

Except for members of the Tampa Bay Human Rights Coalition.

James Evans is with that group..He’s also the CEO of the Tampa Bay Academy of Hope, and has been holding community meetings to discuss the relocation of the families from Central Park over the past year.

He sent out a press release today, in part refuting aspects of an article in today’s Tampa Tribune….WMNF spoke with him, and asked him about his concerns about the families being relocated from Central Park Village – He says its more than just a few hundred that are looking for new homes (roll tape# 1o.q.”our rights are not being violated”)

That’s James Evans – he’s with the Tampa Bay Human Rights Coalition. WMNF was unsuccessful in speaking with Wence Cunningham of the Tampa Housing Authority. The Tampa Tribune reported today that Cunningham says the housing authority is paying relocation costs for the displaced residents. And it has assigned 5 people to keep in touch with the relocated families for 5 years to address issues that might ensue.

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