Is the Florida Hometown Democracy Act the Answer to Florida's Sprawl Problem?

06/20/07 Robert Lorei
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Even with the uneven property tax burden and skyrocketing homeowner’s insurance rates, Florida’s population continues to grow. The Tampa Bay region’s population is expected to increase by 2 million residents between 2001 and 2030. 2050.

18 million people now live in Florida and that number is projected to grow by another 8 million people by the year 2030.

The increased population almost certainly means more destruction of wetlands, forests, and other natural areas. It means a greater human impact on the groundwater and rivers, lakes and streams.

There’s an effort to give local people a greater say in how growth takes place here in Florida. It’s called the Florida Hometown Democracy Act and backers hope to get it on the ballot next year. We’re joined now by Leslie Blackner an attorney from Palm Beach, and president of Florida Hometown Democracy Inc.

(The act would be an amendment to Florida's Constitution allowing local residents to vote on any proposed changes to their local government's Comprehensive Plan.)

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