Eyewitness to Combat in Iraq

06/26/07 Robert Lorei
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Eyewitness to Iraq on RadioActivity Jun 26 2007 13:00

EYEWITNESS TO THE IRAQ INVASION: A SOLDIER'S COMBAT EXPERIENCE IN BAGHDAD Very few combat soldiers from Iraq have come back to talk openly about the situation there. In this interview a one-time Tampa resident, Clifton Hicks, talks frankly about his experience as a combat soldier in Iraq from late 2003 to early 2004. He discusses his limited training; the confusion surrounding encounters with armed Iraqi civilians; the killing of civilians; the deaths of his friends; the attitude U.S. soldiers have toward the Iraqi people; drug use by soldiers; the divide between soldiers on the frontlines and the rear echelon support staff and private contractors; the staged encounters with American reporters; and his thoughts about policy makers and the generals in charge of the war.

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