07/03/07 Robert Lorei
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COMING UP TODAY- LATIN AMERICAN SCHOLAR AVIVA CHOMSKY TALKS ABOUT HER NEW BOOK ABOUT UNDOCUMENTED IMMIGRANTS. From her publicity agent: "Aviva Chomsky (daughter of Noam Chomsky) is an immigrants’ rights activist, professor of history and Latin American studies at Salem State College and author of the forthcoming book, They Take Our Jobs! And 20 Other Myth About Immigration (Beacon Press). (pub date: July 4) In it she dismantles the most widespread myths about immigrants and immigration in the U.S including:

        * Immigrants don’t pay taxes

        * The U.S. is a melting pot that has always welcomed immigrants from all over the world
  • Today’s immigrants aren’t learning English, etc.

  • Immigration is a problem."

“An indispensable guide to the current debate on immigration. If you are at all uncertain about how to deal with anti-immigrant arguments, you will find Chomsky’s book a perfect response. She makes her points with clarity and uses unassailable evidence while offering constructive short- and long-term solutions.”

—Howard Zinn, author of You Can’t Be Neutral on a Moving Train

“At a time when we desperately need to shift the public discourse in the U.S. and elsewhere, to include a more humane and informed perspective on the process of immigration and the lives of migrants and their families, Chomsky’s book provides us all with a much-needed sense of history and justice – and injustice – that must be included as we struggle for fair and humane immigration policies.”

—Catherine Tactaquin, Executive Director National Network for Immigrant and Refugee Rights

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