Crist acts to cut toxic emissions

07/13/07 Kate Bradshaw
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The Serve to Preserve Climate Change Summit came to a close today with Governor Crist’s signing of three executive orders. All three aim to help curb Florida’s carbon dioxide emissions.

Crist said that the first executive order, called “Leadership By Example,” will cut state government’s greenhouse gas outputs by leasing energy-efficient offices, purchasing fuel-efficient government vehicles and constructing buildings that use solar power when possible. Crist hopes that this will help Florida state government reduce its carbon emissions 40 percent by 2025.

The second order is called “Immediate Action to Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions Within Florida.” This measure also includes requiring appliance manufacturers to increase their products’ energy efficiency by 15 percent of the current standard.

The third order is the creation of the Action Team on Energy and Climate Change.

California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger, a keynote speaker at the two-day conference, applauded Crist’s efforts to address climate change and called Crist an “action hero.” Schwarzenegger emphasized the importance of partnerships in the fight against climate change among leaders at all levels.

German Minister Matthias Machnig and UK Climate Change Expert John Ashton, also emphasized the importance of working together in the fight to reduce the effects of climate change. Machnig said the possible economic opportunities could spur what he calls the “Third Industrial Revolution.”

UK representative John Ashton urged the importance of forming partnerships among leaders in what he called the transitions from a high-carbon world to a low-carbon world.

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