Barry Bonds, steroids and the home run record

08/16/07 Mitch E. Perry
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Just last week, San Francisco Giants star Barry Bonds hit his record setting 756th home run, breaking the record held for 33 years by Hank Aaron.

Since then, Bonds has hit three more homers, as he plays what could be his final season.

To say that the record has been met with less than nationwide enthusiasm would be an understatement.

Working against Bonds are his surly personality and doubts about whether he has used illegal performance enhancing drugs.

Last week, New York Daily News columnist Filip Bondy wrote that sports fans should stop worrying so much about the significance of the home run record. He wrote that each era is different.

Babe Ruth lived through in the 1920’s and 30’s when he hit 714 home runs. Hank Aaron eclipsed Ruth in the 50’s 60, and 70’s. Now, what will always be known as the Steroid Era, is personlified by Mark McGwire, Sammy Sosa and Barry Bonds, Bondy says.

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