Politicos react to DNC sanctions over state primary

08/27/07 Mitch E. Perry
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The Democratic leader in the Florida House is unleashing some very harsh criticism of national party leaders for their plan to punish Florida for holding an early primary.

Rep. Dan Gelber accuses the Democratic National Committee of staging a circular firing squad that will end up beating down Florida Democrats and disenfranchising their votes.

On Saturday, the Democratic Party’s Rules and Bylaws Committee said that Florida will lose all of its delegates to the Democratic National Convention unless the state moves its primary from Jan. 29 to Feb. 5.

The Florida Democratic Party has a month to comply with the ruling.

Some analysts predict the state will proceed with Republican and Democratic primaries on Jan. 29 but that the Democratic contest will be only a “beauty contest” with no delegates awarded.

Some Florida Democrats have threatened to sue the national party in federal court, claiming that stripping delegates from the state would “disenfranchise” Florida voters.

But Donna Brazile a rules committee member from Washington D.C., said, “In 1981 the Supreme Court ruled that we have a right to set our rules.”

Mitch Kates is Democratic Party political consultant. He says the DNC’s actions over the weekend may not be as bad some are claiming.

Florida Gov. Charlie Crist said today he was not concerned at all about the Democrats losing their delegates to the convention, or the Republicans losing half of theirs, as has been threatened by the GOP in Washington.

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