Nelson states his case; Democratic fundraiser balks

08/30/07 Mitch E. Perry
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U.S. Sen. Bill Nelson is taking his argument with the Democratic National Committee to the editorial pages.

In a guest opnion piece in today’s USA Today, Nelson says the battle between the national party and state Democrats about the date of next year’s presidential primary is a case of fundamental rights vs. party rules.

Nelson acknowledges that the current primary is system is "broken," but he writes that the answer is not to deny people the right to have their vote counted.

Nationally, the Florida Democrats aren’t receiving much sympathy.

The Los Angeles Times editorialized today that "someone had to put a stop to the one-upmanship that states play against each other in a bid for election year primary;" and because the states have no incentive to restrain themselves, the parties wisely exercised some discipline.

But there are plenty of statewide Democrats incensed at the DNC's decision last weekend to take away all of Florida's delegates to the Democratic Convention next summer in Denver, effectively diluting the primary.

One prominent fundraiser, Jacksonville attorney Hogan, told DNC Chairman Howard Dean earlier this week that he is canceling a planned fundraiser this fall, in anger at what has been done to Florida.

Hogan says he and his wife have donated more than $730,000 to Democratic causes in the past 10 years and have gotten many others to donate large amounts.

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