Hillsborough environmentalist slams Planning Commission selections

09/19/07 Mitch E. Perry
WMNF Drive-Time News Wednesday | Listen to this entire show:

The Hillsborough County Commission appointed two new people to the City-County Planning Commission today.

Engineer Hung Mai and and Miller Doody, of Metro Area Properties, a Tampa brokerage and development firm, were selected by the Commission this morning for a four-year term.

In the wake of the controversy about the county’s Environmental Protection Commission and related development issues in the County, the selection process attracted greater interest.

Trying perhaps to disassociate himself with a board considered a tool of developers, Commissioner Al Higgenbotham emphasized that he had a given vigorous review of all the candidates.

Mariella Smith is a Hillsborough environmentalist and director of a new group, the United Citizens Action Network. She said the current Planning Department is already stacked with developers.

Smith’s personal favorite of all the applicants was Pam Prsyner, who did receive a vote from Commissioner Rose Ferlita. Smith said her selection would have been an attempt to bring some balance to the Planning Commission.

WMNF attempted to speak with Hung Mai today. He did not return our phone call by airtime.

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