Democrat discusses lawsuit against his party

10/02/07 Robert Lorei
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Earlier this year the Florida Legislature moved the date of next year’s presidential primary to Jan. 29, violating a rule by the national Democratic Party.

That rule says that no states can hold a presidential preference primary prior to Feb. 5; that’s because the national party wants to make sure the early selection of delegates to the party’s convention is up to just four states: Iowa, New Hampshire, South Carolina and Nevada. Because of the earlier Florida primary date, the national party is threatening to bar Florida delegates selected on Jan. 29 from being seated at next summer’s national convention.

The national party is also telling presidential candidates not to campaign in Florida.

Victor DiMaio, a member of the Hillsborough County Democratic Executive Committee, is suing the state and national parties, saying that the disagreement over the primary date threatens to disenfranchise voters.

His suit asks the courts to force the national party to seat the delegates or, failing that, to instruct the state to conduct an alternative process to select its delegates.

DiMaio and his attorney, Michael Steinberg, join us today in the studio.

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