Jim Davis joins battle to stop same sex marriage ban

10/12/07 Mitch E. Perry
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A group battling a proposed constitutional amendment that would ban same-sex marriage in Florida has hired former Tampa Congressman Jim Davis as an honorary co-chairman.

Davis has joined Florida Red & Blue, an independent, nonpartisan group organized to stop Florida from becoming the latest state to pass a ban on gay marriage.

In terms of fundraising, the group is doing better than the group it is battling, Florida4Marriage. That group still has not collected enough signatures to present to the State Division of Elections for review on getting on next November’s ballot.

There are actually two groups that have organized to defeat the proposed amendment. Fairness for all Families is another group focused on the proposed constitutional amendment. The group announced recently that it had raised more than $100,000 in the past 3 months. Florida Red & Blue raised nearly $1 million in the spring and collected another $64,000 in the last quarter.

But according to the Miami Herald, Florida4marriage has raised only about $4,000 in recent months.

Although Florida already has a law banning same sex marriage on the books called the 1996 Defense of Marriage Act. Opponents say the state needs to innoculate itself from citizens being married in the one state where it is legal currently, Massachusetts.

Former Tampa Congressman Jim Davis says he understands those concerns, but thinks the law is superflous and divisive.

Currently 27 states in the U.S. have such amendments banning same sex marriage, including 14 which approved amendments in 2004.

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