Are Pinellas schools on verge of resegregating?

10/24/07 Robert Lorei
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The Pinellas School Board is discussing a new student assignmnet plan. And some people feel it will return the schools to the days of racially-divided, separate and unequal schools.

Joining us for this hour: community activist, publisher and one-time NAACP board member Gypsy Gallardo.

Gallardo described the various points of people have regarding returning to neighborhood schools, which will inevitably be more divided along ethnic lines.

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A school board workshop is scheduled on Nov. 6; Nov. 13, Nov. 30, Dec. 11 and Dec. 30 are school board meetings. The board will vote at the Dec. 30 meeting. For more about the battle to stop the plan or for a ride to any of the above meetings, call Gypsy Gallardo, co-chair of The PACT at (727) 866-0873; or Norm Brown, NAACP president at (727) 898-3310.

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