St. Pete voters go to the polls today

11/06/07 Seán Kinane
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Today is Election Day in several cities and counties around the bay area. St. Petersburg is holding elections for four of the City Council seats, Districts 1, 3, 5, and 7.

WMNF spoke about today’s election with St. Pete residents, including both candidates for City Council District 3, Bill Dudley and Ed Montanari. Montanari said he expected voter turnout to be low.

Montanari’s opponent, Bill Dudley said he would have handled recent budget cut differently than the city did. For example, the city terminated many lower level employees, but Dudley thinks that a better idea would have been for St. Pete to reconsider having three deputy mayors.

Judith Beck said she came to the polling precinct at St. Pete’s Coliseum to vote against City Council District 7 candidate Gershom Faulkner.

In her South St. Petersburg yard, Nora Rolland said she didn’t plan to vote.

At a nearby supermarket, a woman who identified herself only as Sandy said she planned on voting later today because there were issues in her neighborhood that concerned her.

“The crime in the area, the drugs, the school situation, the war. There’s a whole list of things.”

Mary, who also didn't give her last name, said she doesn’t vote because she’s a Jehovah’s Witness, but she follows city politics and calls it a "tragedy." Mary did not have kind words about Mayor Baker, either.

Johnme Lunchme said he will vote in order to support City Council District 7 candidate Wengay “Newt” Newton.

Robin Reed voted at the Coliseum said she is concerned about development in St. Pete.

A woman at the Coliseum who didn’t want to give her name said she’s never missed an election. She said she loves mayor Baker and is pleased with the direction the city is taking.

A man who wanted to remain anonymous in South St. Pete said the City Council could do more for that part of town.

“It’s okay. Really, they need to do a little more improvement in the neighborhoods.”

Polls remain open for today’s St. Pete City Council elections until 7 p.m.. To find your precinct, visit

Bill Dudley

Wengay “Newt” Newton

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