Debate over Florida Hometown Democracy Act

11/20/07 Robert Lorei
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The chief opponent and supporter of the proposed Florida Hometown Democracy constitutional amendment debated last Friday at the Tiger Bay Club of Tampa.

If the proposal gets enough signatures and makes it to the ballot and if 60 percent of voters support it next November, the Florida Hometown Democracy amendment would require that voters approve any changes to local land use plans.

In the first half of today's program we'll hear the opening part of the debate, and then we'll open the phone lines and get your opinion on the Florida Hometown Democracy Act.

WMNF's Sean Kinane recorded the debate.

Lesley Blackner is an environmental attorney who is promoting the Florida Hometown Democracy amendment effort pro bono. Her opponent in the Tiger Bay debate was former Speaker of the Florida House of Representatives John Thrasher. Thrasher is co-chair of Save Our Constitution, an organization that opposes the Florida Hometown Democracy amendment.

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