A one-day conference will provide area residents with a unique opportunity to fully celebrate Valentine’s Day. “Open Hearts, Open Minds,� a collection of presentations focusing on the theme of coexistence, will be held Saturday, February 14, at New College of Florida Sudakoff Conference Center. The sessions cover a variety of cross-cultural topics and will inform and challenge attendees to deepen their understanding of coexistence, as well as provide insights into how to make the coexistence concept more of a reality in everyday life. The presentations are being held in conjunction with COEXISTENCE, a month-long public art exhibit set for February at Sarasota’s bayfront on Island Park. The exhibition COEXISTENCE was initiated and created by the Museum on the Seam, Jerusalem. Curated by Raphie Etgar, director of the Museum on the Seam, it is sponsored by the Florida Holocaust Museum's Sarasota Manatee Arch Family Holocaust Education Center in Sarasota. It will also travel to Boca Raton and Tallahassee. Our guests: Joan Lowery, coordinator of COEXISTENCE in Sarasota and Tashia Bradley, director, Diversity, Gender and Leadership Educational Programs at New College.

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