Ferlita stands alone on some issues

12/18/07 Mitch E. Perry
WMNF Drive-Time News Tuesday | Listen to this entire show:

Rose Ferlita succeeded Kathy Castor on the Hillsborough County Commission a year ago. Although from different political parties, they’ve both been in the same position in being the loner in 6-1 votes on various issues.

Ferlita also serves as chairperson for the Rudy Guiliani campaign in Hillsborough County. WMNF spoke with her Saturday morning about her issues on the board. But first we asked her about a recent controversy involving Administrator Pat Bean.

Earlier this month, at the annual public hearing on proposed laws affecting Hillsborough County, state legislators were considering a bill that would change the balance of city and county representation on three local boards to give the county more power on each – the Environmental Protection Commission, the Sports Authority and the Planning Commission.

Even though the County Commission had earlier decided not to support any change to the Planning Commission, Rep. Kevin Ambler offered a bill which included a provision for the Planning Commission. County Administrator Pat Bean- speaking for the board – said that was okay. WMNF asked Rose Ferlita about this incident.

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