St. Pete fountain of youth rediscovered?

12/20/07 Robert Lorei
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An environmental activist in Pinellas County might have "rediscovered" the legendary St. Petersburg Fountain of Youth-- right in the vicinity of the proposed "dredge and fill" site on the bay where the Rays' baseball team wants to build a new stadium.

Our guest, Lorraine Margeson, had this to say:

"I've come to discover that there are not only possible environmental impediments to the proposed Rays Waterfront Stadium Plan ... but historic preservation concerns as well. Today I assembled a diving team (with much help) of USF graduate students, guided by an associate professor in Marine Science at USF, accompanied by myself and some other volunteers ... it seems that we may have rediscovered the fabled Fountain of Youth from St. Pete History going back to 1900.

Article from the St. Petersburg Times archives

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