Candidates urged to focus on health care, finances

01/16/08 Robert Lorei
Radioactivity: Live Call-In (Thursday)

A new coalition has formed that is calling on the presidential candidates to focus on the issues of health care and finacial security. The group is called Divided We Fail and our guest was Jeff Johnson, Florida campaign manager. The coalition includes the SEIU, the Business Roundtable and the AARP.

From the group's publicity information says: "Skyrocketing health care affects everyone from the family without insurance to those who find themselves paying higher and higher rates and deductibles; from the physicians and small business owners to major corporations. Many families are one major illness away from bankruptcy."

"Divided We Fail is not about one specific solution – it’s about asking all presidential candidates to start a robust debate: lay their plans out on the table and then tell us, the voters, how if elected, they will work with other elected officials, regardless of party to fix the problem.

For more information, visit Divided We Fall or call 1-866-595-7678.

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