Women's Show-BETTY LADUKE, artist


Betty LaDuke, artist, mother of Winona LaDuke. Betty is a fascinating artist who has travelled all over the world, especially to Africa, to meet women artists and to paint. There is an exhibit of some of her African paintings-From Africa with Love-at the Appleton Museum of Art in Ocala. She will be speaking tomorrow -- a video presentation at 1:30 and a talk at 2:30. Reservations are recommeded for the video and lecture. The exhibit goes through March 28, 2004.

LaDuke began her formal art training at the High School of Music in New York. She later was awarded scholarships at Denver University, the Cleveland Institute of Art and Mexico’s Instituto Allende. Her Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees are from California State University in Los Angeles.

In 1964 LaDuke joined the faculty of Southern Oregon University in Ashland. There, she initiated the courses “Women in Art� and “Art in the Third World,� which led to achievements such as the Oregon Governor’s Award for Art in 1993. After 32 years of teaching, LaDuke is now Professor of Art Emeritus.

Throughout her career, LaDuke has traveled extensively, and experiences with cultural diversity form the basis of her art work. Her annual travels have resulted in five book publications. She also has had more than 250 solo exhibitions of her paintings, drawings, etchings and photographs – all on cultural themes.

“The challenge for me as an artist is to convert the essence of momentary events into archetypal images. Between myth and reality, my paintings and etchings evolve slowly and reflect local traditions as well as encompass our shared human emotions and aspirations.

“They are my praise song to Africa.�

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