Tampa Council uphappy with Green Ordinance timetable

01/24/08 Mitch E. Perry
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Currently, the city of Tampa has no LEED certified "green" buildings. Nor does it have a green building ordinance, or any incentives for developers to be environmentally sustainable.

That’s led City Councilman John Dingfelder to put together his own task force to create a Green Building Ordinance. Prompted by his actions, an official with the Pam Iorio administration came before the Council today to report on the status of the administration’s own green building ordinance.

Council members praised much of the content of the report, but blasted the mayor’s office for its lack of urgency.

Cyndi Miller, director of Growth Management and Development Services, said the city want to make sure that affordable housing is included in the ordinance. Miller also said she wanted to include a broad base of federal and state rebates as part of the package of incentives for developers.

A part of Councilman Dingfelder’s plan would be to reduce or expedite rezonings and planned amendments. However, Miller said that would not be possible.

Other parts of the Dingfelder plan that Miller said the city could not abide by include a reduction of water and sewer fees paid to the city if the construction is built and certified as a Florida Water Star program.

But Miller said many of the city’s plans won’t be implemented for well over a year, if not longer. That did not go over well with certain council members.

Councilmember Mary Mulhern blasted the timetables set up by the Iorio administration.

Dingfelder said his ordinance has been a joint effort with many members of the community, including the business community.

Dingfelder said he will meet with Miller to compare his document with the adminstration’s, and bring it back before the City Council on Feb. 7.

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