The Florida Republican Party is bashing Jacksonville Congresswoman Corrine Brown for racial comments made yesterday while discussing the situation in Haiti.

Brown said the Bush Administration's policy on Haiti is "racist" and the President's representatives are "a bunch of white men."

Her outburst came during a closed briefing on the Haiti crisis. It was directed at Roger Noriega, who is the State Department's top official for Latin America.

But Noriega told Brown he was offended at being called a racist and

a white man, since he is a Mexican-American. Brown reponsded by

saying, "you all look alike to me."

Carole Jean Jordan is the Chairman of the Florida Republican Party...

She says Congresswoman Brown should apologize for her remarks, and she trotted out the names of Bush Cabinet officials to prove that the Bush Administration - nor its policies, are not racist (roll tape#1o.q."and that's offensive")

And in regards to Brown's comment that the Latino Noriega looked like any white man,

Florida Republican Party Chairwoman Carole Jean Jordan says Congresswoman's Brown's anger got the best of her (roll tape#2 o.q."optomologist")

 An aide to Congresswoman Brown says his boss is "very passionate about

Haiti." David Brown refers to the outburst as "an emotional reponse of her frustration with the administration."

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