Affordable green home unveiled in West Tampa

03/03/08 Seán Kinane
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Today developers unveiled what they are calling Tampa’s first affordable green home. It’s located on Spruce Street in the Old West Tampa National Historic District.

Former Hillsborough County Commissioner Ed Turanchik is a partner with InTown Homes, the developer that built the home incorporating environmentally sustainable design elements. Turanchik said a green home like this would typically cost $600,000, but affordability was a priority.

Turanchick gave Tampa Mayor Pam Iorio a tour of the house, which cost $66,000 more than the base model because of upgrades and options. He said it is 1,400 square feet and has three bedrooms and two baths.

Some of the design elements that save energy or reduce the home’s environmental impact are an efficient air conditioner, carpets made from recycled materials, an active solar water heating system, windows that absorb less heat, and rain barrels to collect water for lawn irrigation.

Tampa City Council member John Dingfelder challenged other developers to build green homes and businesses.

Recently Dingfelder has been critical of the Iorio administration for taking too much time to enact a green building policy for the city. Dingfelder drafted his own green initiative for the City Council and the mayor to address.

But Mayor Iorio told WMNF that incentives such as waiving fees for developers might not be as helpful as other things such as cooperation between the city and developers who are building green. Iorio said that the city should take its time to craft a green ordinance and that all new city buildings should be LEED certified.

LEED is the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design rating system for green buildings. Homes should be built using energy efficient design, Iorio said.

There is more that the Tampa Bay community can do to promote environmental sustainability, according to Iorio.

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