Future looks bright for Dems, progressive group says

03/12/08 Mitch E. Perry
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A progressive group says 2008 will be sea change election that should portend well for Democrats.

The Campaign for America’s Future today released a report, days away from its Take Back America annual Convention in Washington. Robert Borosage is co-director of the group. He said in spite of the potential trainwreck that is the intense battle for the Democratic nomination for president, this year is reminscient of 1980, when Ronald Reagan was elected and his ‘Republican Revolution “ changed Washington.

Stan Greenberg is also with the Campaign For America’s Future. He says that despite the current controversy within the Democratic Party, the Republican Party is not at all in a good situation.

Jane Hamsher writes a progressive blog at FiredogLake.com. She said the political culture is quite different than when she began blogging about politics some four years ago.

With possibly months to go before the Democrats decide on a nominee, many in the party fear the party could destroy itself. But Borosage, who worked on Jesse Jackson’s 1988 Presidential campaign, said it will be a test of the sophistication and maturity of the progressive movement.

Read the report from the Campaign For America’s Future.

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