CSX deal raises tax questions

03/27/08 Robert Lorei
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Our next guest, Lindsay Peterson, has been tracking a proposed deal between the CSX Corportaion and the state of Florida. Yesterday she wrote:

“The cost of the state's commuter rail deal with CSX has risen by a nearly a third, from $491 million to $649 million, according to the latest Florida Department of Transportation estimates.

The state DOT is proposing to buy 61 miles of CSX tracks in the Orlando area for commuter rail and to help CSX expand its freight operations statewide. CSX would get $150 million for the Orlando tracks. The rest of the money in the deal would be used to help CSX improve its freight rail corridors and run more trains into a massive hub the company plans to build in Polk County.”

Our guest is the writer of the story and sveral past stories on the controversy surrounding the CSX deal, Lindsay Peterson.

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