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On Saturday February 28th, Some 500 Republicans gathered at the Grand Hyatt Tampa Bay on Courtney Campbell Causeway for a ‘Hillsborough County Lincoln Day Dinner’ presided by the Former Secretary of Housing and Urban Development in President Bush’s Cabinet and Senate Candidate, Mr. Mel Martinez. Nominating Mr. Martinez, President George W. Bush said: "Since leaving his Cuban homeland as a boy, Mel Martinez has been the embodiment of the American dream and has had great success in helping the people of his community obtain affordable housing and urban services." Mr. Martinez, who fled Cuba in 1962 as part of a Catholic humanitarian effort called Operation Pedro Pan that eventually brought 14,000 children to the US, stated in December 2003 that he would run for the retired Senator Bob Graham’s Seat in the Senate.

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Mr. Martinez went on to say that the campaign this year is going to be a grassroots Effort and Quote “hand to hand combat�. Talking about the important issues of the presidential elections this year, Mr. Martinez said:

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Regarding the new presidential Candidate, Ralph Nader, and the Democrat’s comments on his decision to join the race, Mr. Martinez said:

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Mr. Ken Mehlman, Campaign Manager for the Bush Cheyne 2004.

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Mr. Mehlman went on to state the importance of Central Florida in the upcoming Presidential Election.

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Among those present was Mr. Larry Kleiman, candidate for the US Senate. Mr. Kleiman said that he supported President’s Bush’s efforst in Iraq.

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WMNF was hoping to cover the evening speech of the Campaign Manager Ken Mehlman and Senate Candidate Mel Martinez but was barred to do so.

For WMNF Radio News, This is Farhad Sabet.

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